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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parking Fees:
All vehicles entering the grounds for an event will be charged a $10 fee. There are no in & out privileges. If a vehicle leaves during the day they will have to pay an additional $5 upon return.

Handicapped Parking:
Handicapped parking is along the curb on the main street.

Small/Storage Trailer Parking:
You may drop your trailer in the NW corner of the infield. Access to the infield is via a tunnel at the east end of the infield. It is suggested that you lock the trailer while parked there.

Please see the attached map for your convenience.

NAFA has no control over parking regulations at the fairgrounds and must abide by the fairground rules in place for all events.

For RV/Camping fees:
The fairgrounds security department will come around to collect the RV camping/parking payment. Your camping/parking receipt will be your ticket to get in and out of the Fairgrounds to avoid paying additional entry fees. Please place your RV camping/parking receipt on your dashboard or show it to the person collecting money at the gate when re-entering.

Please visit our RV page for more details.

Tournament Hours:
Length of racing days cannot be predicted until after the closing date. However, it is a fairly safe bet to say that racing and subsequent awards will run late on Sunday. Please plan for a late departure or plan on staying overnight and heading home on Monday morning.

CanAm judges to be announced!

To Flyball Competitors: There will be no vending allowed outside of the official vending area. If you are willing to share a booth with another flyball competitor that also has something to sell, contact Dirk Elber or Cindy Henderson and he will try to match up those wishing to share.

How close are the hotels to a Starbucks?
Check for a location near you!

"In Case of Emergency" Information:
• Fairgrounds emergency instructions & directions!
• LaQuinta @ E 21st street -- canine emergency directions!
• North of Fairgrounds (Near Marten House & Red Roof Inn North) -- canine emergency directions!
• South of Fairgrounds (Red Roof Inn South) -- canine emergency directions!
• Any hotels in Fisher -- canine emergency directions!

Are there food and drink policies at the fairgrounds?
Pepsi is a major sponsor at the Fairgrounds. Therefore, our facility contract states that no Coke products are allowed inside of the building. Please adhere to these policies. Food at the Concession stand will be available for purchase. You may bring in your own snack items. Catering in food is not allowed.

Is there a Wi-Fi spot within the fairgrounds?
Information to come!

Is there power available for our crating areas?
Electrical outlets are available for use on poles throughout the building. Extension cords might be needed so pack some just in case. Please bring tape in order to tape down cords to prevent tripping hazards.

Come back often as additional information is posted!


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